Simplified Accreditation Solutions. (SAS)

Mandatory accreditation is here.  The Medicare Modernization Act of 2003 requires that every home medical equipment company be accredited to participate in the competitive bidding process.

First 10 Metropolitan Statistical Areas have been named. Then 70 more and the remaining areas throughout the country will be required to become accredited. Finally The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services will require each home medical equipment company to be accredited in order to bill the Medicare program.

There are a number of policy manuals available; however we have simplified the manual for you. DME Consult, llc. has put together a manual that meets the requirements for ACHC, CHAP, HQAA and Joint Commission accreditations.

The SAS manual has comprehensive policies while still being simple and straightforward to understand, use and implement in your organization.

Our SAS Manual has been compiled by experienced consultants with over 35 collective years assisting clients with the accreditation process.  DME Consult, LLC. consultants are also trained accreditation surveyors.

The SAS manual includes:


•  Initial Order/Initial Assessment Criteria
•  Patient Education Process
•  Leadership Qualification in Daily Operations
•  Emergency Preparedness Plan
•  Infection Control Plan


•  Confirmation of verbal order
•  Instruction checklist and Home assessment
•  Patient complaint form
•  Incident form
•  Format for your company’s organization chart